A Free Wedding Coverage on Any Given Saturday

I have a full-time day job that I love, and that is also my family’s bread-&-butter.

As for photography, well, it is my passion.

Now, if you trust me enough to cover your wedding day, photographically speaking, I am offering my service for free on any given Saturday.

But, we’ll do it this way:

I will be the official wedding photographer on the wedding day.

During your wedding day, you won’t hear me asking you to put on your makeup (or your suit), pose, and then, have a fake laughter. I want to capture pure, real and authentic moments of the events, and not staged or posed shots. Of course, group shots are, well, obligatory, and so I will include them (e.g. ceremony group shots). See my documentary page or other documentary photographers to know more about this approach. Also, see my ‘Real Moments’ page to know more about my maturity level in photography. I cannot and will not guarantee more than what I can offer on that given Saturday.

I will cover the entire wedding day, from preparation to reception. All pictures will be personally edited by me. Some will be in color. Some will be in black-and-white. As to how many is in color and how many is in black-and-white, kindly leave this option to me. More-or-less, total edited photos will be around 100 – 1500 photos.

Since this is free, I will only provide the soft-copy of the edited photos. (RAW files will stay with me.) Kindly provide for the USB drive.

Also, I will retain a copy of the photos to be used only for my wedding photography portfolio. I will also put them on my websites/pages (i.e. WordPress, Flickr, Facebook & Instagram). Apart from these, I won’t be using them anywhere else.

I will be using a Nikon DSLR. I won’t be using flash, as this tends to disrupt the pure, real and authentic emotions of a given moment. If ever I have to use one, it will be based on my personal judgment of the current ambiance and lighting condition.

I have a car. So, anywhere with concrete roads in Davao City area, I can go. For wedding venues within the 10km radius of DAMOSA Gateway, I’ll shoulder the gas. Outside the 10km radius, well let’s talk about it. 🙂

– –

And, that is all.

Again, if you trust me enough to cover your wedding day, I am offering my service for free on any given Saturday. Well, of course, this is subject to my availability and on my freewill to accept the engagement.


– –

Jay-Ar Damasin

0923 282 7585


2 thoughts on “A Free Wedding Coverage on Any Given Saturday

  1. I love that you offer your services for free, man. That’s a really noble thing to do. Keep up the good work!


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